Wednesday's Wonderful Website: New Year's Eve Printable Activity Sheets for Kids

This week is New Year's Eve.  We're planning on watching a movie together as a family this Tuesday (with lots of snacky items to boot!).  Then, on Wednesday, we thought we'd kick off a family game night time.  Although I had been trying to do a family game night every single Friday night, it hadn't worked out that way.  I'm currently working on my goals for the New Year, and I thought I'd commit to TWO game nights a month.  I feel like that's a more obtainable goal for my family at this time.

Book Review: Adventure Bible Storybook (Deluxe Edition)

The Adventure Bible Storybook (Deluxe Edition) is a wonderful resource that I highly recommend for every family. This set includes a beautifully illustrated Bible storybook and two CDs. The pictures in the storybook use a variety of absolutely beautiful and stunning shades of colors, and the pictures do not look like typical "kiddie" type pictures; they are illustrated to look realistic.

Statistics on Homeschooling

Here's a great article with lots and lots of statistics that are all about American homeschoolers.  Check it out over here!

Wednesday's Wonderful Website: Dance Mat Typing

Here's a great site to check out!  BBC's Dance Mat Typing helps children learn keyboarding skills.  There are several different levels and also "stages" within each level.  My son did one stage this morning and was rewarded with an animated song at the completion of the stage. We will definitely be visiting this site again.

Getting Rid of the School Mentality

For those of you who homeschool, here's a great article called "Letting Go of the School Mentality."  

Summer Fun: Sponge Balls!

Our transition from school to summer is sometimes a difficult one:  my children are so used to a large portion of their time being taken up by school.  Now, suddenly, they seem to not know what to do with themselves.  I personally like to keep some semblance of a schedule during the summer.  Not only do the kids thrive under that, but I seem to need that as well.

Wednesday's Wonderful Website:

If, like me, you have a child who loves making paper airplanes, here's a site you will definitely want to check out:

Some Rules Were Made to be Broken

As a mom, I realize that sometimes I make silly rules and stick to them like they are commandments/tenets related to morality, yet they are simply the type of rules that are often simply for my own convenience or because I THINK it's the only right way to do something.  What do I mean by that?  Well, let me illustrate through example.  Before I had kids I swore up and down I would never, ever, EVER even think of using the TV to babysit my kids. Then, I had kids.

Are Historical American Girl Dolls Becoming History?

I really appreciated this article on the changes happening with the American Girl dolls.  It's one of those things that I didn't stop to think about; yet, now that it was pointed out to me, I can clearly see that there has been a change.  Something to think about...

Check out this thought-provoking article here.


Laughing With the Dust Bunnies

Before I had kids, I would harshly judge others' homes.  I had a friend who literally had a dust bunny hopping across her kitchen floor.  I was shocked, grossed out, and my opinion of this friend plummeted.  My house was in order.  My house was dusted.  I cleaned my shower on a daily basis. I could eat off of my kitchen floor. Yet, I failed to recognize that she had something I didn't:  a passel of kids.


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