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What Shoes are You Wearing Today?

So, there we were in the car, driving over an hour to get to my son's regularly scheduled appointment with his specialist.  Something was bothering me, irritating me, but I couldn't quite put my finger on exactly what it was.  Did I turn the burners off?  My husband said I did.  Did I leave a curling wand on?  OK...we were safe there because I hadn't even USED a curling wand that morning. Did I leave water running somewhere in the house?

Great Valentine's Day Idea

If you need a great Valentine's Day idea for a friend or if you'd like to let your husband know a way to bless you personally on Valentine's Day, see this great suggestion from Money Saving Mom regarding her newest book, Say Goodbye to Survival Mode.

Timely Advice not only escapes me, but it actually seems to run from me sometimes...literally RUN.  Any other SAHMs out there feel that way? Seriously, I have every single modern convenience available to the modern homemaker to make my life easier, simpler, and what do those things actually do? Well, for starters, they clutter up my home. Clutter equals more dust. Dust equals more cleaning...which equals (you guessed it!) more of my time running away from me.  

Say Goodbye to Survival Mode

I am so excited about Money Saving Mom's (Crystal Paine) new book:  Say Goodbye to Survival Mode.  More information to come, but check this out:


 For a free sample chapter, to pre-order the book, to see what others are saying about this book, or to sign up for a seven-day Say Goodbye to Survival Mode challenge, go here.

Book Review: Homeschool Mom's Bible

I recently received a copy of the NIV Homeschool Mom's Bible in exchange for a review.  The devotional readings in and of themselves were very encouraging.

There are Treasures in the Darkness

Five months ago, my son was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes.  Five months ago, I learned that we would have to regulate my son's carbohydrate intake, test his blood sugar several times a day, give him four shots a day, monitor him for low blood sugar, and be prepared at all times to correct those lows. I felt like my world had turned upside down.  Five months ago, I learned that my daily life/daily routine was going to have to look different than it ever had before.

Summer Fun: Sponge Balls!

Our transition from school to summer is sometimes a difficult one:  my children are so used to a large portion of their time being taken up by school.  Now, suddenly, they seem to not know what to do with themselves.  I personally like to keep some semblance of a schedule during the summer.  Not only do the kids thrive under that, but I seem to need that as well.

Some Rules Were Made to be Broken

As a mom, I realize that sometimes I make silly rules and stick to them like they are commandments/tenets related to morality, yet they are simply the type of rules that are often simply for my own convenience or because I THINK it's the only right way to do something.  What do I mean by that?  Well, let me illustrate through example.  Before I had kids I swore up and down I would never, ever, EVER even think of using the TV to babysit my kids. Then, I had kids.

Laughing With the Dust Bunnies

Before I had kids, I would harshly judge others' homes.  I had a friend who literally had a dust bunny hopping across her kitchen floor.  I was shocked, grossed out, and my opinion of this friend plummeted.  My house was in order.  My house was dusted.  I cleaned my shower on a daily basis. I could eat off of my kitchen floor. Yet, I failed to recognize that she had something I didn't:  a passel of kids.

"Socializing" Homeschooled Kids

I am on several Facebook groups that are specifically for homeschool moms.  Again and again, people wanting to homeschool face the challenge of the "What about socialization?" question.  Again and again, I write down my comments on these Facebook group pages that sound something like the following:


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