Dog and Cat Diary

Hello…it’s me, Snickers.  I love that the mom doesn't think to shut down her computer when she is away from it; that gives me the perfect opportunity The other day I was on her computer and read the most disturbing e-mail.  I’ve copied the information below. One of the mom's friends sent this to her.  Oddly enough, she thought it was hysterical.


A Cat's Perspective: Eye Candy I Cannot Eat

While humans find certain things to be entertaining or amusing, those of us with a slightly higher IQ understand that they are NOT entertaining or amusing.  Take, for instance, the bird feeder.  First of all, WHY would anyone feed a bird except to make it nice and plump for dinner?


Feeling Fine: It's Feline time


Psst.  It’s me…Snickers, the most important member of this household; I’m the cat.  “OH…a MERE cat?” you say.  RRRREALLY, I’m more important than you would think.  Truth is, even the mom doesn’t know the HALF of it.  Anyway, she thinks I’m up here in her room snoozing away again.  (Don’t worry, I would NEVER neglect my zzzzz’s; they’re coming!!!)  Truth is, I’m blogging, too.  I thought you’d want to know how things REALLY are around here.  Consider this the INSIDE scoop!




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