Wednesday's Wonderful Website: World Continents and Oceans Game

We spend a lot of time during our school year going over geography.  I think it's important for kids to know where different places in the world are actually located...and to even know the NAMES of different places is important.  When I ran across THIS site, I thought it would be a good way for my kids to practice some of what we've gone over this year.

How the Rest of the World Eats

Oh WOW...check out this website page that has pictures of what families in different countries eat in a week--very interesting and eye-opening.  I will definitely be sharing this with my children.

Wednesday's Wonderful Website: Cinquain Lesson

Last week I had posted information on a site that went through how to write a haiku.  We're still studying poetry for writing, and I wanted to work on cinquains this week.  I found a great graphic organizer to help with that over here. Check it out!

Wednesday's Wonderful Website: Toondoo

Over on, your children can create their own cartoons!  Cute site.  (*There is a paying option and a non-paying option. Your child/children can do enough on that site without you having to pay anything!)  ENJOY!!!

Wednesday's Wonderful Website: Scholastic Story Starters

Recently I spoke to my homeschool group about teaching writing.  There are so many wonderful websites out there to help in this endeavor.  One site that I like just a little more than others is Scholastic Story Starters.  On the site, your child simply starts by picking a theme:  adventure, fantasy, sci-fi, or scrambler (which is miscellaneous).

Wednesday's Wonderful Website: Classics for Kids


I plan to post various websites that are of interest to those of us doing some sort of education with our kids at home.  You don't have to be a homeschool mom to be teaching your kids!  In fact, I'd say that all parents are doing SOMETHING to further educate their own children.


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