Colleen Coble's A Heart's Obsession

Sometimes I find that it takes me awhile to truly delve into a book: the plot might be slow moving at first or somewhat complex/confusing from the start. However, that is not the case with Colleen Coble's A Heart's Obsession, which is the second book in her “Journey of the Heart” series. I was drawn into this story from the first page. In fact, I was so intrigued by this fast moving story that I read it all within a twenty-four hour period.


Why I Will Use the Why Christmas? Devotional This Christmas

Christmas is a big deal in our house. I love to take the entire month of December to do various Advent activities that lead up to the cumulative event of celebrating Jesus's birth. So, I'm always looking for great resources to use towards this end. My search is now over; I have found the ultimate family Advent devotional.

Best Easter Devotional for Kids: Why Easter?

I have been looking for a great family resource that prepares our hearts for the monumental event we tend to call Easter, although “Resurrection Sunday” is a more appropriate title for the Christian holiday. Anyway, I was excited when I first heard about Why Easter? by Barbara Reaoch. This absolutely wonderful devotional has four full weeks of devotional lessons to help families prepare their hearts for Easter.

A Beautifully Charming Book: How to Catch a Prince

Rachel Hauck's latest book in The Royal Wedding Series, How to Catch a Prince, is a down to earth, good ol' romance.  This story was a delight to read.


Book Review: I Can Learn the Bible

I Can Learn the Bible:  52 Scriptures Every Kid Should Know sounded like a book with a lot of potential.  Right off the bat, I spotted several attributes in this book that I thought were very positive. First of all, I love that this book tackles "weighty" subjects.


Nature Girl: Great Book for Nature Loving Girls

Nature Girl:  A Guide to Caring for God's Creation by Karen Whiting and Rebecca White is a great resource for girls who are interested in knowing how to take care of various aspects of God's creation.  The beginning of the book states that "Going green is about making God's earth a healthy place to live" (9).  I like the authors' practical advice that "It's really just about making smart choices" (9).

Another Brilliant Fairy Tale Retelling from Melanie Dickerson

Ever since I was a young girl, I have always loved fairy tales.  The romance, the intrigue, and the idea of good conquering evil has always appealed to me.  So, when I first was introduced to Melanie Dickerson's books, which are grown up versions of beloved fairy tales, I fell in love all over again.


Weird and Wonderful Creations---A Great Book for Young Animal Lovers

My seven-year-old daughter wants to rescue animals when she is grown up, and she wants to acquire as many facts about animals as possible.  So, when I saw Weird and Wonderful Creations, I thought that it might be a perfect book for her. Well, I was right!  She loved it.


C is for Courage: Post from Kimberly Kunkel

Check out this great post by my friend Kim: C is for Courage.

Smart Money Smart Kids is a Smart Choice for Parents

Father-daughter team, Dave Ramsey and Rachel Cruze, have joined forces to write this empowering book on "raising the next generation to win with money." With this kind of a power team, how could a reader go wrong?  I have long appreciated Dave's wisdom regarding money management, and I have recently discovered Rachel and all her terrific ideas through her blog. This book is a wonderful blend of the wisdom of both Dave and Rachel.



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