Summer Fun: Sponge Balls!

Our transition from school to summer is sometimes a difficult one:  my children are so used to a large portion of their time being taken up by school.  Now, suddenly, they seem to not know what to do with themselves.  I personally like to keep some semblance of a schedule during the summer.  Not only do the kids thrive under that, but I seem to need that as well.  We've implemented a few chores, some daily read alouds, and a (very small, minute even!) little itsy bitsy bit of "educational enrichment" into our schedule.  I like to do a little bit of reading and math over the summer.  It's not necessarily a daily thing, but I think a small amount of mental work is good for everybody.  Additionally, we've made up a list of nearby places we'd like to visit this summer.

We've also been spending A LOT of time outside.  Doing the same activities in our backyard can get old after awhile, so I was looking online for some new, fun ideas.  I was thrilled when I found this post about playing splash ball!  So, I stopped by Target today, bought several sponges, and proceeded to make a bunch of sponge balls.  Guess what we'll be doing tomorrow for some good ol' summer fun?