Seeing the Truth

Several decades ago, I bought a Christian Growth Study Bible advocated by YWAM.  This has been one of my all-time favorite Bibles.  I really like that it has little blurbs about different unreached people groups throughout it.   While my missionary experience is limited to a month of urban outreach and also a trip to assist those who were already spreading the gospel in a surprisingly unreached country in Europe, I have a heart for the nations.  I also love knowing about other cultures.  Even if I don't get to other countries myself, I can pray for all those I know who are going there to spread the Good News.  

Although I've purchased several other Bibles throughout the years, I continually come back to my YWAM Bible.  In some ways, it's sad to me:  we have a plethora of Bibles available at our fingertips, we have our shelves stacked with Bibles of every color of the rainbow/for every day of the week/with devotional insights for every single phase of life; yet, I so often leave my Bible on a shelf...collecting dust.  I have no excuse.  I have at least ten different Bibles on my Kindle Fire alone. So what IS my excuse?  Also, why do I feel the need to have so many different Bibles?  Surely I'm not alone in this quest to hoard Bibles, am I?  It makes me sad to see so many Bibles in my house when I know there are believers in other countries who can't obtain a SINGLE Bible or can't obtain more than a few pages of a Bible. Meanwhile, I often feel like I can't get to my Bible (or should I say MULTITUDE of Bibles...), can't FIND the time to read it, or just can't sit down in quietness and soak in the Word of God anymore.  Is it a can't...or a won't?   Why do I blame my stage of life?  It's not my STAGE OF LIFE; it's me...I'm the problem. ( there's an eye opener...didn't really want to face that truth...)

I think one of the keys to getting into the Word in this stage of life is simply realizing that maybe we can't sit down and read ten chapters at a time.  However, there is no reason why we can't read a mere chapter a day.  I'm sure we take up the equivalent of that amount of time checking Facebook...or e-mail...or twitter. I can also read a Bible app on my phone or tablet anytime, anywhere... Additionally, audio Bibles are a great resource...especially for busy moms.  A friend of mine and I have discussed how we often have an audio Bible CD playing while we do housework.  While it's not the same as sitting down and meditating upon every single word I read in the Bible, the Word is still getting in me.  If the Word isn't getting in me, how can I really be growing in my Christian life?  

I recently realized that ONE of the reasons I like my YWAM Bible so much is because it's EASY to read--meaning I can actually SEE the print.  While I love the study notes in my ESV Global Study Bible, I can't see them without a magnifying glass.  While I wanted to avoid facing this truth, it hit home when my eye doctor recently told me that we'll probably be looking into bifocals when I come next April for my annual exam.  Unbelievable.  WAIT...WHAT?  How did that happen? I thought I somehow would get stuck in a time warp and end up living in my 20's for decades on end.  Guess I was wrong...bummer!

So, as I get into my Bible today, I decided to turn to Isaiah. I think it fits what I'm writing know, the whole "I like my Bible because I can actually see the print" issue.  Looking at Isaiah 40:8, I'm so painfully aware of how everything around us DOES indeed fail and wither.  This world is fading away.  My eyesight is ever so slowly failing.  My body is getting older every day.  Yet, I can take comfort in the fact that His Word remains...and will ALWAYS remain.   How exciting!  We can take part DAILY in something that has ETERNAL value.  All we have to do is open up that book and read the Word.  THAT is something that will NEVER change:  bifocals or not!