Wednesday's Wonderful Website: Molly and Buttercup

Looking for a safe way for your child to correspond with a pen pal?  According to my latest issue of Practical Homeschooling, offers a one year e-mail pen pal program for only $15.  Your child would receive two e-mails per month:  one from Molly and one from Buttercup.  Your child can also e-mail each character back.  If you prefer snail mail, there is a $25 per year postcard subscription available.  Sounds like a great way to encourage writing!

Wednesday's Wonderful Website: Barnes and Noble's Online Storytime

Sometimes Little Sparkle wants me to read so many stories to her that I wouldn't have time to do anything else!  (While I would LOVE to have that luxury, I don't! I would also probably go hoarse!)  So, I really appreciate websites that READ to my daughter for me.  That's why I enjoy the Barnes and Noble online storytime.  Check it out over here!


Wednesday's Wonderful Website:

If, like me, you have a child who loves making paper airplanes, here's a site you will definitely want to check out:

Wednesday's Wonderful Website: World Continents and Oceans Game

We spend a lot of time during our school year going over geography.  I think it's important for kids to know where different places in the world are actually located...and to even know the NAMES of different places is important.  When I ran across THIS site, I thought it would be a good way for my kids to practice some of what we've gone over this year.

Something Fishy

I love my salmon.  Yet, sometimes the mom gets lazy. Yep, I said lazy.  She takes care of those KIDS before taking care of me.  I am supposed to get salmon for my lunch.  Sometimes she sits down and eats with the kids and forgets about me.  Ridiculous.  Then, one day she actually put something BESIDES salmon in my bowl.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?  Salmon time, M-O-M...and nothin' else is gonna do.  The stupid '"orange/yellow/whatever he is" thing that lives with us chowed down.  I was angry.


Those "Just Like Ol' Jeans" Kind of Friends

Several years ago (hmmm....must be a good two decades by now...YIKES), I had gone with two friends from college to drop the one friend off in an urban ministry training school in NYC.  While climbing stairs up to my friend's room-to-be, I met someone who was going to be on my friend's team AND on my team, which didn't start for another month.  We talked for quite a while and seemed to hit it off.  We actually wrote some letters back and forth--encouraging one another in the Lord.

Some Rules Were Made to be Broken

As a mom, I realize that sometimes I make silly rules and stick to them like they are commandments/tenets related to morality, yet they are simply the type of rules that are often simply for my own convenience or because I THINK it's the only right way to do something.  What do I mean by that?  Well, let me illustrate through example.  Before I had kids I swore up and down I would never, ever, EVER even think of using the TV to babysit my kids. Then, I had kids.

Are Historical American Girl Dolls Becoming History?

I really appreciated this article on the changes happening with the American Girl dolls.  It's one of those things that I didn't stop to think about; yet, now that it was pointed out to me, I can clearly see that there has been a change.  Something to think about...

Check out this thought-provoking article here.


How the Rest of the World Eats

Oh WOW...check out this website page that has pictures of what families in different countries eat in a week--very interesting and eye-opening.  I will definitely be sharing this with my children.

Laughing With the Dust Bunnies

Before I had kids, I would harshly judge others' homes.  I had a friend who literally had a dust bunny hopping across her kitchen floor.  I was shocked, grossed out, and my opinion of this friend plummeted.  My house was in order.  My house was dusted.  I cleaned my shower on a daily basis. I could eat off of my kitchen floor. Yet, I failed to recognize that she had something I didn't:  a passel of kids.


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