The Bionic Cat

Totally unbelievable.  There I was, minding my own business, when the dad came out of nowhere and swooped the annoying fuzzy yellow guy up into "the cage." The cage is so scary. Every single time I go in that prison cell, I end up going somewhere scary...somewhere where dogs are barking, other cats are peering out at me from their own prison cells, and then some lady in a white coat pokes and prods at me...and then sticks me with a needle.  So, when the dad came to get Butterscotch, I hid.  I hid enough that he couldn't get me, but I also wanted to see what was going on.


Wednesday's Wonderful Website: New Year's Eve Printable Activity Sheets for Kids

This week is New Year's Eve.  We're planning on watching a movie together as a family this Tuesday (with lots of snacky items to boot!).  Then, on Wednesday, we thought we'd kick off a family game night time.  Although I had been trying to do a family game night every single Friday night, it hadn't worked out that way.  I'm currently working on my goals for the New Year, and I thought I'd commit to TWO game nights a month.  I feel like that's a more obtainable goal for my family at this time.

Book Review: NIV Essentials Study Bible

I am a big fan of study Bibles, so I was excited to hear about the NIV Essentials Study Bible. This amazing Bible incorporates parts from six other reference books throughout its pages:  NIV Study Bible, NIV Quest Study Bible, NIV Archaeological Study Bible, NIV Student Bible, The Great Rescue Bible, and The Essential Bible Companion.


Reforming Social Media

When I first heard that Mandy, one of my Facebook friends and a friend of several of my friends, was going to write a book called Reforming Social Media, I was thrilled!  When I had the opportunity to be part of her launch team, I was even more thrilled. When I actually sat down and read her book...I just sighed. This, my readers, is a breath of fresh air...something we all need to read, to think about, to reflect upon.

Say Goodbye to Survival Mode

I am so excited about Money Saving Mom's (Crystal Paine) new book:  Say Goodbye to Survival Mode.  More information to come, but check this out:


 For a free sample chapter, to pre-order the book, to see what others are saying about this book, or to sign up for a seven-day Say Goodbye to Survival Mode challenge, go here.

Book Review: Adventure Bible Storybook (Deluxe Edition)

The Adventure Bible Storybook (Deluxe Edition) is a wonderful resource that I highly recommend for every family. This set includes a beautifully illustrated Bible storybook and two CDs. The pictures in the storybook use a variety of absolutely beautiful and stunning shades of colors, and the pictures do not look like typical "kiddie" type pictures; they are illustrated to look realistic.

Wednesday's Wonderful Website: Doodle Faces

Looking for something quick and easy to keep your kids occupied for a few minutes?  This fantastic printout over here features a page of blank faces.  Your kiddos get to draw in the details.  (Honestly, after seeing how much fun my two kids had doing this, I'm tempted to print one out for myself...)  Check it out over here on Dabbles & Babbles!


A Tail's Tale

It's me again...Snickers...aka "the perfect cat."  Here I am, so perfect, and I have to deal with that stupid, fuzzy, yellow guy as my sole furry companion.  As his superior in intellect, it's difficult for me to even comprehend some of his choices.  The latest choice, which is entirely inconceivable to me, is his apparent decision to use his tail to gain attention.  ABSURD!


Book Review: Women Living Well

I recently had the privilege of reading Courtney Joseph's book Women Living Well.   This book was a breath of fresh air.  Women Living Well supplies the reader with practical advice for living in our fast-paced, technology-saturated world.

Running on Empty

Things were looking bleak...How had I allowed things to get this far?  There was nowhere to go...except for right where I was, and that wasn't going ANYWHERE.  I was stopped...and all I wanted was to go.


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