New Apologia Press Writing Curriculum FREE DOWNLOAD

New writing curriculum is always a cause to celebrate.  Recently, well-known homeschool author and speaker, Debra Bell, has written the first book in a homeschool writing curriculum series entitled Writers in Residence.

Let's Be A SelfLESS People

In today's world, it really seems like everyone is into "self."  Many people are out there on the Internet trying to  promote a certain PERSONA--usually a persona that appears happy, full of joy, and full of life.  Oftentimes that persona doesn't even really match who the person is in real life. (I have heard horror stories of people who have huge "followings" online but have a horrendous personal life that doesn't match what they try to show to the Cyber-World.)  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram; etc.

Book Review: The Kids' Book of Devotions

When I initially decided to review The Kids' Book of Devotions:  A 365-Day Adventure in God's Word (Updated Edition), I was REALLY excited.  I'm always looking for new devotional material for my children.  

So, let me jump right into my thoughts.  Here are the things I like about the book:

The Search for Something Insignificant

A few months ago, we took a family road trip to another state.  It was the longest car ride we have had as a family to date.  (With the addition of a thunderstorm and some heavy rush hour traffic, the entire trip took twelve hours.)   A few hours into the ride, I realized that I hadn't taken the time to grab my morning cup of joe.

Thankful for Eileen Spinelli's Thankful book

Eileen Spinelli has written an absolutely delightful book:  Thankful.   The description on the book jacket says the following:  "Beloved children's author Eileen Spinelli and illustrator Archie Preston inspire children of all ages with Thankful, a whimsical picture book that celebrates the everyday blessings we find in our lives."  This book is, indeed, whimsical and inspirational.

Wednesday's Wonderful Website: Kids in the Word

A few weeks ago, I participated in an online homeschool curriculum e-book sale.  As a result, I received a lot of really good online offers.  As a result of some of those offers, I found myself on some e-mail lists (of course).  One of the e-mail lists eventually pointed me to Kids in the Word. WHAT A GREAT WEBSITE!!! Per the "about" section on this blog, "Kids in the Word exists to inspire, encourage, and equip parents to instill a love for God and the Bible in their kids.

Memories from a Single Life

I love how God connects different people through usual and unusual circumstances.  Once upon a time, I was the homeschool evaluator for a wonderful family.  One of the children was the sweet Marisa Barnett.  Now, she's all grown up and living in South Africa.  Through Facebook, we've been able to reconnect--as adults--and it's been such a blessing to watch what God is doing in her life.  It's interesting seeing her walk through a certain stage of life that I remember quite vividly:  SINGLENESS.  Funny how that term often strikes fear or dread in one's heart.

Book Review: Married "Til Monday

Married 'til Monday is the latest book in the Chapel Springs Romance series by Denise Hunter. Ryan McKinley can't emotionally let go of his ex-wife, Abby. (As a matter of fact, he has gone as far as actually purchasing the home she considered their “dream home.”) So, when an opportunity presents itself for him to drive with her to her parents' anniversary party, he convinces her to allow him to come along. After all, her parents still think they are married.


Colleen Coble's A Heart's Obsession

Sometimes I find that it takes me awhile to truly delve into a book: the plot might be slow moving at first or somewhat complex/confusing from the start. However, that is not the case with Colleen Coble's A Heart's Obsession, which is the second book in her “Journey of the Heart” series. I was drawn into this story from the first page. In fact, I was so intrigued by this fast moving story that I read it all within a twenty-four hour period.


Why I Will Use the Why Christmas? Devotional This Christmas

Christmas is a big deal in our house. I love to take the entire month of December to do various Advent activities that lead up to the cumulative event of celebrating Jesus's birth. So, I'm always looking for great resources to use towards this end. My search is now over; I have found the ultimate family Advent devotional.


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