Change Happens

Well, it's been a long time since I've posted.  Time has a way of...well...getting away from us sometimes.  Life happens, and when it does, we seem surprised.  Sometimes life is so encompassed within routine that the inevitable sneaks right in, snatches that routine away, and we're surprised.  Life has changed.  Yet, isn't life simply about change? If things stayed the same, we'd all be stagnant.  We need to change; therefore, things don't stay the same.

In the past six months, I have lost my grandmother, moved with my family into another home, and started a new homeschool support group with an amazing friend.  Life has changed.  I've changed.  Yet, in talking to so many other people within the past six months, these occurences aren't rare, aren't something different, aren't unique to me.  We all face change. Change is happening to us all the time--whether we want it to or not and whether we're expecting it or not.  When change happens, all I know is that I am glad I serve a God who never changes.  He's definitely the Rock that He says He is...and I could not be more thankful. The world around me can be swirling and whirling in change; I'm going to choose to hold on tightly to the One who can help me through all the changes.