Wednesday's Wonderful Website: Free Online Piano Lessons for Kids

I recently ran across the website, and the more I look at it, the more impressed I am.  The creator of the website, who is also the online instructor, Joseph Hoffman M.M., does a fantastic job of introducing children to basic music principles. 

I decided to test this site out on my two kids, as that's usually the best way for me to tell if a site will work for children (ha!).  I placed my Kindle Fire up on the piano and let each child take a turn going through lesson one.  My almost nine year old thought the first lesson was well done.  Since he has already had some piano training, he didn't learn anything new...but he still recognized that the teaching was well done, and he thought it would be a useful tool for others.  I may see if I can start him a little higher up in the lessons. There are fifty-six lessons in all, and, looking at the titles, I know he hasn't mastered all of the concepts yet.

My almost six year old daughter could not stop grinning when she watched the first lesson.  She was so proud of herself that she could play a real song by the time she was done with the lesson.  Additionally, she learned about notes going "up" on a piano, notes going "down," and repeating notes.


Bravo, Mr. Hoffman...this site is a keeper!  Check it out over here.