My Centipede-Slaying Knight

Today, I posted THIS on Facebook: 

"There are moments when I face parenting with fear and trepidation. One such moment came a few minutes ago when my little girl said, "Mommy, there's a BIG centipede in the bathroom. PLEASE kill it." EEEKKKK!!!"

Anyone else every feel scared when that moment...that moment to kill a bug...rears its ugly arthropodic head?  While I shouldn't dread those moments, I do.  Anything that scurries along as fast as a centipede is just creepy to me.  I can't get those images from Monsters, Inc. out of my head either!  Well, I had the brilliant idea of putting an upside down cup on top of the centipede. That way, my husband could deal with the bug when he came home.  How kind of me, right?  That backfired when my son forgot about the cup, knocked it over when he opened up the bathroom door, and sent the centipede scurrying away.  Anyway, I posted about that on Facebook, and I mentioned that my husband was my knight in shining to slay the horrible centipede monster.  I was later blessed by his return comment (keep in mind that he was home from work by the time he wrote this comment...and two rooms over from where I was in the house):  "Fear not! I have slain the centipede, my fair maiden!"  

I replied to that with the following:  "My HERO!!! (swoon...)"

Our eight year old son saw this and just giggled like crazy.  He thought our interaction was so funny.  I thought our interaction was fun and, in an odd sort of "social network" way, romantic, too.  I'm thankful for a husband who doesn't laugh at me (most of the time) when I ask him to kill off nasty scary bugs.