Feeling Fine: It's Feline time


Psst.  It’s me…Snickers, the most important member of this household; I’m the cat.  “OH…a MERE cat?” you say.  RRRREALLY, I’m more important than you would think.  Truth is, even the mom doesn’t know the HALF of it.  Anyway, she thinks I’m up here in her room snoozing away again.  (Don’t worry, I would NEVER neglect my zzzzz’s; they’re coming!!!)  Truth is, I’m blogging, too.  I thought you’d want to know how things REALLY are around here.  Consider this the INSIDE scoop!


I don’t know about you, but I get hungry…I mean REALLY hungry. I mean RAVENOUS.  I especially feel this way after sleeping.  Everyone needs a little breakfast, RIGHT?  So, after being tortuously locked in a basement every night, I finally get to come upstairs and enjoy my people.  I always meow several times in a row to let them know that I really don’t like being locked up away from them every night.   The mom says, “OOOOHHH…I missed you, too, Snickers!”  WHATEVER…what she doesn’t understand is that I am COMPLAINING!  If she REALLY missed me, she wouldn’t have had the dad put me downstairs in the first place, RIGHT???
So, back to the hunger thing.  I get hungry!  I know the mom keeps a bag of my FAVORITE kitty treats in the kitchen. I still can’t figure out WHY, though; she forgets about them half the time.  If I want a treat, I have to remind her, and THEN she makes me meow for a treat…SERIOUSLY!  On top of that, she patronizes me with “Aw, do you want a treeeeeeeeeat, little kiiiiiiiiitty?”  Then she goes on and on about how cute it is. What’s cute about BEGGING?  I should not have to remind them to FEED me. This is a BASIC right here.  Someday, I’m going to grab her not-so-secret secret stash of chocolate and say, “Aw, does the mooooooooom want some chooooocolaaaaate? AW, how cuuuuuuuuuuuuute.”  Wonder how she’d like it…