Wednesday's Wonderful Website: Classics for Kids


I plan to post various websites that are of interest to those of us doing some sort of education with our kids at home.  You don't have to be a homeschool mom to be teaching your kids!  In fact, I'd say that all parents are doing SOMETHING to further educate their own children.

One of the topics we study regularly in our homeschool is "classical" music. (Classical is in quotations marks because that really only covers one particular period of music, yet we all seem to generalize and call several different time periods "classical.")  Some years I've picked a different composer for us to study each month. This year, we're studying one musical period in history per quarter.  In addition to reading about those periods of history, we also listen to the music from that time period. is a GREAT site to use to introduce children to "classical" music.  There, you’ll find background information on the composers, samples of music, games, a section for grownups, and a multitude of other information. ENJOY!

Check it out: Classics for Kids