New Cat Toy

Ah, my people are so wonderful to me! They came home from Target the other day with the BEST toy…I mean THE BEST.  It’s a MASSIVE tunnel, and I just LOVE to climb through it.  At the end of it is a wonderful little house.  I believe the people called it “the tent”–whatever that means.  It’s so much fun to zoom through the tunnel…running, running, sliding…YEA!
The only problem is that the little girl keeps telling me that it is HER tent. WHATEVER.  HELLO!  It has princesses all over it and looks like a mini castle.  OF COURSE it’s for me; I am royalty.
It’s also a GREAT place to take a nap. AH, the life of royalty…the life of a cat. Such good humans I have!


*Reprinted from my previously published blog