Book Review for Love Letters From God: Bible Stories for a Girl's Heart

Love Letters from God: Bible Stories for a Girl's Heart is a beautifully written gem of a book sure to delight young girls. There are fourteen Bible stories represented in this book.  Each story shares the tale of a heroine from the Bible.  For the title of each individual story, the heroine is given an appropriate nickname such as "The Hopeful Girl" or "The Prayerful Girl."  Interestingly, these are all titles to which young girls can likely relate.  An encouraging Bible verse is also added to each story in a section called "God's Wonderful Word to You."  Looking through the verses, I was encouraged to read inspiring words such as "I will take care of you" (from Isaiah 46:4) and "You are in my hand" (from Jeremiah 18:6).  The best part of each story is the little lift-the-flap letter. The letter is written as if it is specifically for the girl reading the book.  Written from God's perspective, the letter encourages the young reader to follow in the footsteps of the heroine in the story through various tasks related to her own faith walk. For example, the reader might be encouraged to pray, to come to Jesus when weary or worried, or to forgive others.  And then, as if the book couldn't get any better, the last page in the book has a lift-the-flap in the shape of a heart, and the reader is encouraged to write her own letter to God in the space provided. This is a beautiful and powerful way for the young reader to respond to what she has read.  Additionally, all of the illustrations in this book are full of color and gorgeously colored details.

There are other Love Letters from God books, but this one is specifically designed for girls.  Specifically, the books states the ages of four to eight.  However, I suspect that even older girls would be encouraged by the words in this book, as I know that even I, at the ripe old age of forty plus, was encouraged as I read through this inspiring book.

*I received this book for free from Handlebar Central.  Please note that views and opinions stated are my own, and they are written entirely of my own free will.