About Sparkling SAHM

Name:  Jenn

Age: 40 something

Hometown: Lititz, PA (Home of the “Wilbur Bud” and “Sturgis Pretzel Bakery”)

Current Location: Snows-Constantly-Here-in-Upstate-New-York-Even-on-Easter

Birth Order: driven firstborn

Quirk: tilts my water glass (or coffee cup or kombucha glass) to the side when talking...drives others, especially my husband, nuts!)

You may not know:  Jenn and her husband, Mark, live in a beautiful old home with their son (10) and daughter (7). She manufactured the idea of “playdates” for her kids just so she can sit and chat with her friends over a steaming cup of coffee (or green tea for her non-coffee drinking friend) while the kids run around the house or yard. Jenn enjoys watching all the crazy wildlife that ventures into their backyard: various birds, deer, a fox (once!), groundhogs, and too many feral cats to count.  When there isn't much action outside, Jenn's two cats, Snickers and Butterscotch, provide much entertainiment...and also some inspiration for blog posts.

What is this blog about anyway? The inspiration for this blog comes from Philippians 2:12-17. I love verse 15, which talks about how the children of God shine like stars in the universe. That's my desire: to sparkle like those stars no matter WHAT I'm doing or WHAT stage of life I'm in.  My current stage of life? Well, I'm a Stay At Home Mom (SAHM).  Some days, I don't feel very sparkly: I feel beat, tired, and ready to just collapse.  Yet, it's my goal to shine for Him no matter what. Hopefully, this blog will encourage others to do the same. You'll find posts about life, my cats (don't ask...I can't help it!), books I've reviewed, great websites, and other miscellaneous items that interest me.

Anything else? Jenn graduated from Millersville University with a degree in Secondary Education for English (grades 7-12). She has enough post graduate credits to have at least one Master's degree, but she doesn't have an actual Master's for some odd reason or another. She also continues to take grad level classes to keep up with trends in education and to keep her teaching certification current. Jenn is currently using her almost ten years of teaching experience to teach her own children at home.  On the side, Jenn loves to sing, organize things (it's that firstborn in her, I'm telling you!), read, and continue to sharpen her writing skills by blogging.