Running on Empty

Things were looking bleak...How had I allowed things to get this far?  There was nowhere to go...except for right where I was, and that wasn't going ANYWHERE.  I was stopped...and all I wanted was to go.

This was me the other day...Driving back home with my kids after a playdate at a park, I realized that I had never filled up my gas tank.  I had actually needed to fill it up for quite some time, but, somehow, I could never seem to find the time.  There was always too much to do, too many places to get to IN A HURRY, and never ever ever enough time.  So, I cut things close to the wire...almost too close.  An orangish light appeared on my dashboard that quickly let me know that one of my biggest fears could become reality:  I could be stranded on the road without gasoline. I was running out of fuel.  Maybe I'd be long as I could JUST KEEP ON GOING.  Unfortunately, I started hitting every single red light possible.  I didn't even know all those red lights existed before. Where had they come from? Really, I'm telling's as if they had just dropped down from the sky.  THEN, horror of all horrors, we were going to hit road construction, and that meant that I wasn't going to be going anywhere for a long, long time.  Eeekk!

For those who were prepared for this "detour" so to speak (as it was CLEARLY a detour from the FAST path I was expecting), there was nothing to worry about.  For me, running on so little fuel, this could mean an impending disaster.

As I sat there wondering what to do, I looked around inside my van, too.  When was the last time I had pulled the trash out of there? When was the last time I had vacuumed in there?  I was not taking care of the very vehicle meant to get me from place to place.

How often have I done the same with this life, this vessel, this body that the Lord has blessed me with?  How often have I neglected His Word simply because "I'm too busy." Sure, I can get away with a day or two of that, just like I can with not putting gasoline in my car. But what happens if those few days become weeks or months? Guess what, dear sisters:  I am gonna run outta fuel!!!  I need to take care of this vessel physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Don't neglect the true source of your strength:  It's Him. Spend time with Him today...It's time to refuel!


P.S. If you care to know the rest of the story, my kids got VERY, VERY quiet in the car; they could obviously sense that I was stressed out.  We prayed that God would get us to a gas station.  We were able to turn off onto another road, which was away from the construction.  Shortly after, we found a gas station.  We were all going a little crazy praising God for awhile!  

Shortly after arriving home, I did clean out the van...