Something Fishy

I love my salmon.  Yet, sometimes the mom gets lazy. Yep, I said lazy.  She takes care of those KIDS before taking care of me.  I am supposed to get salmon for my lunch.  Sometimes she sits down and eats with the kids and forgets about me.  Ridiculous.  Then, one day she actually put something BESIDES salmon in my bowl.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?  Salmon time, M-O-M...and nothin' else is gonna do.  The stupid '"orange/yellow/whatever he is" thing that lives with us chowed down.  I was angry.  It smelled like salmon, but I KNEW it wasn't the authentic fish I have come to love; the can didn't look right.  I heard the mom say something about, "Sorry, kitties...saw a good deal and tried to save some money."  So...which is more important:  money or ME?  That should be a no-brainer.  Speaking of no-brainer, the yellow thing just inhaled the processed junk.  He doesn't care...but then again, he's the same THING that eats Bendaroos, pencil shavings, carpet fragments, and anything else he can get inside his obviously disgusting mouth. (Oh, and to make that even MORE disgusting-anything that's NOT food that goes down, comes right back up...UNBELIEVABLE!!!)  I refused to eat that processed junk.  Let the yellow thing have it...and he did:  ate mine, too.  The pig.