My Feathery Friend

That stupid yellow thing that lives here annoys me.  Honestly, I think that's his purpose:  to annoy me. WELL, he does a great job doing it!  So, every single time the mom goes to do what she calls "dust" (I'm still trying to understand what that is...and why she does it), the big furry yellow thing goes CRAZY, and I mean CRAZY.  He chases after her.  It's like some weird dance:  she bustles through the house with some feathers on a stick...moving, moving, quickly, quickly.  The big stupid yellow thing chases after her:  darting out from behind the furniture, trying to pounce on the feathers.  The mom...she screams each time.  You think she'd know by know that THAT is what's going to's kind of obvious. Actually, it's kind of...stupid.  I don't understand why he does that.  I, on the other hand, am more mature.  I know better.  I am the wise one. AH, time for me to go a mature cat should.  Going to go find one of my faves:  my feather on a stick!