Book Review: Women Living Well

I recently had the privilege of reading Courtney Joseph's book Women Living Well.   This book was a breath of fresh air.  Women Living Well supplies the reader with practical advice for living in our fast-paced, technology-saturated world.  The author is relatable in her approach and instead of standing in judgment, instead of condemning us or coming off "too preachy," she gently compels us to make changes that will help us live well.  She provides the reader with the advice we all so desperately need by implementing a beautiful blend of practical and spiritual advice. Instead of just listing what we need to change, she relates to the reader by providing poignant examples, moving stories, and personal anecdotes. 

Courtney's book approaches the topic of how to live well in the following four areas:  our walk with God, our marriage, our parenting, and our homemaking.  Courtney starts out her book by challenging us to slow down and to create moments that are peaceful and calm in a loud world that is super busy and has voices/noises everywhere.  She says that "It is in our unhurried moments that we see and hear clearly" (7).  Aiming to use technology as a tool, Courtney gives information on valuable online tools to help women delve into the Bible. She provides information on how to have a quiet time, what to do during a quiet time ( we're all told to have one, but who actually takes the time to tell us WHAT to do during one?), and how to carve out time for it (again, genius!). I love how she cuts to the heart of the matter and asks readers to examine what they are going to in order to be pacified instead of going to Jesus to be satisfied. She also discusses mentoring, having relationships with other women, and gives down-to-earth advice on how to love our husbands.  She even has a two week challenge for wives on loving their husbands.  Each day has a specific task for the reader to do to bless her husband.  I love that she clearly shares with readers that the basis for loving our husband should be remembering "that you are an extension of God's hand to your husband when you bless him" (84).  Courtney says that disagreements in marriages are inevitable, but she then provides a solution by discussing what causes those disagreements and tells us how to work through those conflicts. She also specifically addresses how to parent in this technology-saturated world.  She talks candidly about setting standards for our children, how to respond wisely to media, how to handle our own expectations and disappointments in this parenting journey, and how to deal with anger.  Her book is full of practical guidelines/suggestions for helping us along on this parenting journey.  She also discusses her own journey as a homeschool mom.  She clearly indicates that this was a personal choice that she and her husband made, and she gracefully acknowledges that all parents have the job of teaching their children in the ways of the Lord, no matter what schooling situation they are in.  She talks about housework, mentioning her own personal journey in learning how to do this well and effectively.  Additionally, she discusses how media affects us negatively as homemakers, and then she turns around and gives suggestions on how we can use technology redemptively to actually become better homemakers.  Unlike many parenting books that talk about how to have children occupied (or preoccupied) while moms go about homemaking, County has some great advice on how to manage the home with our children alongside of us.  She discusses how to set the tone and mood in our homes, how to make our homes a haven, and how to develop routines that bring rest.  Courtney also writes one of the best analyses of Proverbs 31 that I have ever read; her ideas were very doable and also encouraging.

Women Living Well is not only a wonderful and encouraging book, it is a manual for practical and spiritual living that all women need to read.  


Book Description

Women desire to live well. However, living well in this modern world is a challenge. The pace of life, along with the new front porch of social media, has changed the landscape of our lives. Women have been told for far too long that being on the go and accumulating more things will make their lives full. As a result, we grasp for the wrong things in life and come up empty.

God created us to walk with him; to know him and to be loved by him. He is our living well and when we drink from the water he continually provides, it will change us. Our marriages, our parenting, and our homemaking will be transformed.

Mommy-blogger Courtney Joseph is a cheerful realist. She tackles the challenge of holding onto vintage values in a modern world, starting with the keys to protecting our walk with God. No subject is off-limits as she moves on to marriage, parenting, and household management.

Rooted in the Bible, her practical approach includes tons of tips that are perfect for busy moms, including:

  • Simple Solutions for Studying God’s Word
  • How to Handle Marriage, Parenting, and Homemaking in a Digital Age
  • 10 Steps to Completing Your Husband
  • Dealing With Disappointed Expectations in Motherhood
  • Creating Routines that Bring Rest
  • Pursuing the Discipline and Diligence of the Proverbs 31 Woman

There is nothing more important than fostering your faith, building your marriage, training your children, and creating a haven for your family. Women Living Well is a clear and personal guide to making the most of these precious responsibilities.


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