What Shoes are You Wearing Today?

So, there we were in the car, driving over an hour to get to my son's regularly scheduled appointment with his specialist.  Something was bothering me, irritating me, but I couldn't quite put my finger on exactly what it was.  Did I turn the burners off?  My husband said I did.  Did I leave a curling wand on?  OK...we were safe there because I hadn't even USED a curling wand that morning. Did I leave water running somewhere in the house?  Something, somewhere was wrong, forgotten, out of place, but I didn't know what it was.  Have any of you ever hand that nagging feeling that something was just not as it was supposed to be?

After a solid hour and a half of driving, we arrived at our destination.  I stepped out of the car into the sunlight, and the light clearly revealed what that "something was just not as it was supposed to be" thing was:  I had on my slippers!  EUREKA:  I had forgotten my real shoes!  Not only that, but there were my...get ready for this...CAT SLIPPERS. Yes, my friends, my slippers had a cat design on them.  Oh joy--cat slippers in public.

Although I thought that maybe my slippers would escape notice, the nurse who attended to my son immediately commented on my cute shoes. Sigh.  So, I quickly explained that I had accidentally left my slippers on. When the doctor came in, I felt like I had to explain my lack of proper shoe attire; however, I don't think she really cared. Yet, I felt compelled to explain myself. 

After my son's appointment we ended up in an outlet store.  Oh, the irony:  the store ended up being the very company the sells my cat slippers.  Ack! Was there no escape from my wrong attire?  I actually noticed my slippers on a rack for sale at the store, too. So, I merely shuffled along, hoping no one would notice my major faux pas.

And that, my friends, was probably the issue all along:  I shuffled through the store trying to hide my slippers. I overexplained myself to a doctor who didn't care about my shoes simply because I was embarrassed.  All I could think about throughout the entire day was my stupid slippers!

How like us to focus on our flaws, the things we think are wrong with us.  Yet, when I think back now, I have to admit that my slippers were probably pretty cute.  If I had confidently strode into all the places I walked that day--confident that no one probably cared about my cat slippers anyway--would my day have turned out differently?  Did anyone REALLY care about what I had on my feet?  Yet, so often, I think everyone sees my big, huge, amazing, in-your-face flaws as much as I do.  Truth is, even if they see them, they probably don't care.

We are all on this amazing journey together. God's grace covers those flaws.  I walked around expecting others to see my mistake.  My focus was entirely wrong.

Where is YOUR focus today, my dear sister:  is it on the mistake you made?  Is it on that one particularly nasty flaw?  Or is your focus on the one who made you--the one who made those (sometimes slippered) feet to carry the Gospel of Peace to others?  Go out today in the confidence of the Lord, my friend. May your feet carry you to places where you can share God's grace with others--no matter what shoes you may or may not have on.