The Mouse Trap

Snickers here.  I love toys.  I don't care that I'm not a kitten anymore; I still love my toys.  My catnip stuffed mouse is my favorite toy.  I actually have three of them. Even after I rip their insides out (hee hee!!!), I hide them so the people won’t throw them out.  I think the mom thinks that I put them in certain places to get my kicks, but that’s NOT true. (I would NEVER do such a thing–really.)  For instance, the other day, she went to get something out from under her bed and then SCREAMED!  Then she was yelling something about a mouse and that “stupid cat”  (couldn’t have been ME--had to have been that other yellow thing that lives here).  I looked and saw that she had found one of my hiding places.  Rats!!  Oh, I mean MICE!!

The other day I had one of the mice in the kitchen.  The mom saw it and then jumped straight up into the air.  I must admit that it was pretty cool to see her jump like that; I didn’t know she had it in her.  (She’ll never leap like I do, but it was a good start.)  She yelled something about it looking real and how she’s tired of being surprised.
As usual, I do NOT get it.
It’ll be interesting when she finds the third one…HA HA!!!  I mean…really, I don’t do it on purpose…