Let's Be A SelfLESS People

In today's world, it really seems like everyone is into "self."  Many people are out there on the Internet trying to  promote a certain PERSONA--usually a persona that appears happy, full of joy, and full of life.  Oftentimes that persona doesn't even really match who the person is in real life. (I have heard horror stories of people who have huge "followings" online but have a horrendous personal life that doesn't match what they try to show to the Cyber-World.)  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram; etc. just feed into this need to project whatever image we think we should show project to others!  I recently read a blog post by Greg Laurie that talked about this very topic.  He explains the lengths to which certain people will go to get that perfect picture/to portray that perfect image. Greg Laurie also gives some great advice on how we can stop being so selfish in this "selfie" obsessed culture. Check it out over here!