Book Review: Adventure Bible Storybook (Deluxe Edition)

The Adventure Bible Storybook (Deluxe Edition) is a wonderful resource that I highly recommend for every family. This set includes a beautifully illustrated Bible storybook and two CDs. The pictures in the storybook use a variety of absolutely beautiful and stunning shades of colors, and the pictures do not look like typical "kiddie" type pictures; they are illustrated to look realistic. For example, Noah's ark is often depicted in children's books as a small boat with huge, smiling animals popping out all over the place. That is not the case in this storybook. As a matter of fact, the illustrator chose a very creative idea instead and showed Noah resting in a hammock while his wife looks out a window at the storm. The pictures were vivid and clearly brought the stories to life. For example, the image of Joseph being dragged away by a slave trader will be embedded in my mind for a long time; Joseph's hands were tied together, there was dust all in his face, and the man taking him away was pulling him from atop a donkey. I can picture what this would look like in real life.

The storybook was formatted in a very strategic way. First of all, the theme of "Adventure" was cleverly woven throughout the book. The very first story is called "The Adventure Begins." The very last story is called "The Adventure Continues." At the end of each story there was an "Adventure Discovery" section. In this short section, the author either relayed a spiritual truth, shared a fact related to the story, or summarized the next part of the story. Additionally, there is a "Words to Treasure" section at the end of each story, which is a related Bible verse. Each story is only a few pages long -- just enough to read in one setting with younger kids. Also, each individual story has a title and lists where in the Bible the actual account can be found.

My kids and I really enjoyed the addition of the CDs, which contained the entire contents of the storybook. The combination of music, dramatic reading, and real sounds (examples: a baby making noise, the sound of Joseph falling down into the pit, a donkey braying, and the sounds of a crowd; etc.) helped make the Biblical events come to life. The readers had pleasant voices which worked well for the readings. I liked how they varied the readers with male and female voices and also how another reader read the "Adventure Discovery" and "Words to Treasure" found at the end of each story.  Although my children and I listened to the CDs as we followed along with the book, I also tried listening to just the CDs. This would be a fabulous option for travel: the kids could listen to these Biblical accounts of various events during a long trip and not be bored in the least.  The CDs can most certainly stand alone.

This book is obviously not a Bible per se, but it does a beautiful job of depicting and reiterating the Biblical accounts. While some details are obviously fictional (such as Noah falling out of his hammock due to the ark lurching), they do not, in my own opinion distract from the Biblical accounts. However, parents may want to choose to address these added fictional details and point out to children that those details are not in the Bible and may or may not have actually occurred. They do definitely help bring the stories to life even more. The Adventure Bible Storybook does a wonderful job overall of helping readers "see" what this grand adventure from Genesis to Revelation is all about.  This is certainly an adventure worth checking out.


Book Description

Adventure Awaits!

The Adventure Bible Storybook starts children on the journey of a lifetime, introducing them to some of the greatest stories of the Bible! Bold, beautiful illustrations bring the fifty action-packed stories to life as readers encounter fun, exciting themes of discovery, imagination, and suspense---everything you’d expect from a fantastic adventure. This deluxe edition enhances the Bible reading experience with audio CDs that include multiple character voices, music, and sound effects. The Adventure Bible Storybook Deluxe Edition stimulates children’s minds and fills their hearts with love for their heavenly Father.


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