Memories from a Single Life

I love how God connects different people through usual and unusual circumstances.  Once upon a time, I was the homeschool evaluator for a wonderful family.  One of the children was the sweet Marisa Barnett.  Now, she's all grown up and living in South Africa.  Through Facebook, we've been able to reconnect--as adults--and it's been such a blessing to watch what God is doing in her life.  It's interesting seeing her walk through a certain stage of life that I remember quite vividly:  SINGLENESS.  Funny how that term often strikes fear or dread in one's heart.  For some, like widows, widowers, or those recently divorced, it evokes feelings of sadness, remorse, or even regret.  My years of singleness were full of ups and downs (okay, but really, all the stages of my life thus far have been that way!). Overall, I had a great experience during that time.  However, there were definitely some really, really, really hard times.  A lot of those came from people just not understanding what it was like to be single in a Christian society that wants to marry everyone off as quickly as possible.  (Don't get me wrong:  I'm all for marriage!  However, more than marriage itself, I am for God's PERFECT timing.)  Kudos to Marisa and her friend for taking the initiative to reach others in this stage of life through one of the biggest platforms now available to those who have a voice:  the blogosphere.  Recently, I wrote two posts for her absolutely wonderful blog, which focuses on "the complexities of singleness."  Having been single until I was thirty-one, I had quite a few experiences related to waiting for my Mr. "Right for ME."  The first post I wrote for Marisa's blog is "The Waiting Game."  You can find it over here.  I also wrote a post called "The Day I Kissed Marriage Goodbye." You can find that one over here!  Enjoy!!  While you're there, check out some of the other great blog posts written by Marisa, her friend, and other guest bloggers!  Even if you're not single, there are so many beautiful life lessons we can all learn through Marisa's blog.  If you have friends who are single and need the encouragement, send them a link.  Check it over here:  WHAT IS MY LIFE.